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The moon inspires me as my thoughts are guided by its essence,
with the night closing in, its light guides me to further inspiration,
just as its smile beckons me to take action.

The moon welcomes me to night as its glowing smile shines through the sky,
the moon taunts at my thoughts as it shimmers into the night,
the moon guides me at night with its loving gleam,
the moon laughs at my play as its radiant smile lights up the sky,
the moon beckons to me with its whimsical smile as it illuminates the night,
the moon mocks my nightly ploy as its luminous grin reaches through the dark,
the moon heartens me as its pale smile curves through the sky,
the moon distracts me with its beams as it glistens in the night,
the moon enchants me with its carefree smile as it glides in the dark,
the moon it welcomes me to night, with a soft glowing smile.

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indescribable indescribable
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