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Sitting here, in my chair, so many other surrounding me.
Talking comes, talking goes, but no talking comes to me.
I see friends greeting friends, families smiling, greeting each
No one talks, no one greets, no one smiling at me.
All alone, but not alone.
One alone among the many, overlooked, afterthought.
Have to smile, have to greet, have to hide pain inside.
Dreaming of some shiny steel, darkened thoughts pull down my mind.
Wanting peace an firm resolve, praying to the One above.
Help to take this want of dark, these deeds that must be hated.
No more blood, no need to shed, its been done, its been made.
Try to pull my awful thoughts, try to see some light ahead.
Slipping mind, tears won't fall, inner strength will conquer all.
Time to stand, time to go, where is home? I want to go.
* * *