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Chant Of The Napree

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O plight of life, the folly it seems,
has at its end no resolve.
But instead, look now to yourselves,
or fall into grave detriment.
We, as children of old,
must find a way to permeate,
the ill that would befall.
In doing so, our progeny may also come to find,
that strength lies in the minds of all,
who dare to raise their standards high,
and live without timidity.
Not letting others hold them down,
but breaking free restraints,
to show those who are yet to come,
of power that lies within.
Courage of mind and that of soul,
will be the legacy we leave,
to all who may follow the way.
Our lives lived desperately,
though hopefully not in vain,
if others come to realize,
that for which we fought.
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