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Chasing the Moon

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One day I will get in my car, my old silver car and I will chase the Moon. I will follow its course wherever it goes and if I end at the ocean, away with it I'll float. It hovers tonite in the big dusky sky, a huge silver dollar that glows in the night. It speaks to me as I drive, in a melancholy state, and fills my heart, my heart with its whimsical ways. Out in the sky that slowly turns dark, it rises higher and higher as an overseer to all. My Moon, I claim it tonite, staring at its beauty as it speak to my soul. I close my eyes and feel it, a coolness, like a wave leaving sand on a hot summer day. As I gaze into the night people walk on by, taking no notice of the beauty in the sky. Sadness creeps over me where conversations flow, they all have no concept of the splendor up above. They move through their lives, deigning the glory that spills through the night. Stars twinkling softly in the darkening night, not able to conquer the glory of the sky. It reigns over the heavens, filling it with light, casting dark shadows wherever I turn. Its magic pulls at me, enticing me to follow it. My heart longs to answer as its beauty enchants me. Even as I long to follow I know now is not the time ... and so instead I will dream, I will dream of the time when I will chase the Moon.
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