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Sitting here, in my chair, so many other surrounding me.
Talking comes, talking goes, but no talking comes to me.
I see friends greeting friends, families smiling, greeting each
No one talks, no one greets, no one smiling at me.
All alone, but not alone.
One alone among the many, overlooked, afterthought.
Have to smile, have to greet, have to hide pain inside.
Dreaming of some shiny steel, darkened thoughts pull down my mind.
Wanting peace an firm resolve, praying to the One above.
Help to take this want of dark, these deeds that must be hated.
No more blood, no need to shed, its been done, its been made.
Try to pull my awful thoughts, try to see some light ahead.
Slipping mind, tears won't fall, inner strength will conquer all.
Time to stand, time to go, where is home? I want to go.
* * *
O plight of life, the folly it seems,
has at its end no resolve.
But instead, look now to yourselves,
or fall into grave detriment.
We, as children of old,
must find a way to permeate,
the ill that would befall.
In doing so, our progeny may also come to find,
that strength lies in the minds of all,
who dare to raise their standards high,
and live without timidity.
Not letting others hold them down,
but breaking free restraints,
to show those who are yet to come,
of power that lies within.
Courage of mind and that of soul,
will be the legacy we leave,
to all who may follow the way.
Our lives lived desperately,
though hopefully not in vain,
if others come to realize,
that for which we fought.
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creative creative
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A roaring wind comes, not soft, but a storm, thunder and lightning, waves crash on the shore.
Up on the crags, with the rain beating down, the girl stands in the midst, her hair streaming down. The rain falls in rivulets, so no tears are seen, the thunder is loud, hiding her screams.
She looks to the water, as it rages below, as her heart longs to leap, to her knees she then goes, her legs are so weak, so shaken with cold, no strength in her bones. Her faces she lifts up, to the moon pulling through, her whisper is faint, with the winds howling too. How long will she stay, drenched in cold on the crags? How long will it be till her soul heals at last?
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numb numb
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Aimlessly wandering 'round in my head,
listless, free flowing - a leaf on the wind.
stifling thoughts, gathered here,
no where to go, their trapped in a cage.
Break down that wall, sets those thoughts free,
sweet rush of relief, sweeps over me.
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complacent complacent
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Was it we do with the little time we have?
Do we spend it wisely or whittle away our precious moments?
I have heard that time is a thief, but when we throw it away, there is not much to steal. We always say we need more time, we need time to do things but then how often do we waste time instead of doing the things we complain about not having the time to do. Time is precious, time is life. I want to use my time wisely. I hope you do to ...
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contemplative contemplative
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Hands touching, lips meeting, soft murmurs floating in the air,
smiling faces, timid glances, muffled laughter everywhere.
Whispering secrets, tender and sweet, as eyes search each other,
seeing attraction, looking for interest, searching the other, questioning.
Is this real?
Growing stronger, laughing harder, more secrets shared,
telling stories, living life, letting intimacy deepen.
Sharing the past, keeping up the present,
allowing attraction to grow, enjoying each other, wondering.
How far will this go?
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enthralled enthralled
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He is the hope, He is the joy,
For every heart in all the world.
The babe that came thru foretold ways,
Is the One who came to save.
Each year we come to celebrate
The life that was given to us,
So that we may also live,
because of Him.
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thankful thankful
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I find myself wondering, as I watch Darcy and Lizzy dance at the Netherfield Ball, what it is we really talk about in conversations. There are, of course, the obvious things – our feelings, interpersonal problems, guys/girls, other relationship, work and in this day and age the entertainment industry. I watch this movie thinking of what would they be conversing about? The women may spend hours speaking of clothing, threads, colors, embroidery designs, bonnets and flowers. If they were capable of reading, books and the ideas within them, music, compositions, manners, titles and family relations. The men, perhaps, would speak of business, hunting, dogs, land and all the responsibility that comes from their holdings. They might also have spoken of banking, investments, books, politics, their relations and women. But what would they speak of together? Some of those things could collide and depending on the time frame and the status of these people, I often wonder what a conversation between them would happen to be. I can only hope that Mr. Collins would not be a good example of what the conversations between the sexes would be like. I almost fancy that the conversations that are seen in Emma may be seen more as the typical patterns in that time. Again, mostly they were filled with gossip about others and the intrigues they would imagine being plotted, but other than that there was some talk of work, books, music, of course, and the strengths/weaknesses of personalities and positions of all the people within their acquaintances.
With my own acquaintances, after we have gotten the general items out of the way, sometimes we lack words to continue on in our dialogue. I do think about things I wish could discuss with certain people but when it comes to it, it can be hard to verbalize thoughts or even to be able to broach the subject that I would wish to converse on. What simple things do we really discuss? When we say we talk about everything with our friends, what does everything really entail? Are there subjects that are taboo or can anything be brought up? I myself find it hard to explain to others my conversation habits with my friends. I can converse openly and without any awkwardness with a few close friends then there are my friends that I usually have surface type conversations with, nothing goes too deep. Than with other friends conversation run dries and we laps into silence more often than not. Conversations can be interesting but I believe the ones I enjoy the most, are the ones with children. You can never guess what will come out of their mouths and it surprises you, the insight or innocence that comes out their little mouths. It can be such a joy to hear their view of the world and of what their perspective is on things. Their curiosity of things can also be cute and intriguing. It can refresh one to be around the delightfulness of children.
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pensive pensive
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The moon inspires me as my thoughts are guided by its essence,
with the night closing in, its light guides me to further inspiration,
just as its smile beckons me to take action.

The moon welcomes me to night as its glowing smile shines through the sky,
the moon taunts at my thoughts as it shimmers into the night,
the moon guides me at night with its loving gleam,
the moon laughs at my play as its radiant smile lights up the sky,
the moon beckons to me with its whimsical smile as it illuminates the night,
the moon mocks my nightly ploy as its luminous grin reaches through the dark,
the moon heartens me as its pale smile curves through the sky,
the moon distracts me with its beams as it glistens in the night,
the moon enchants me with its carefree smile as it glides in the dark,
the moon it welcomes me to night, with a soft glowing smile.

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indescribable indescribable
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One day I will get in my car, my old silver car and I will chase the Moon. I will follow its course wherever it goes and if I end at the ocean, away with it I'll float. It hovers tonite in the big dusky sky, a huge silver dollar that glows in the night. It speaks to me as I drive, in a melancholy state, and fills my heart, my heart with its whimsical ways. Out in the sky that slowly turns dark, it rises higher and higher as an overseer to all. My Moon, I claim it tonite, staring at its beauty as it speak to my soul. I close my eyes and feel it, a coolness, like a wave leaving sand on a hot summer day. As I gaze into the night people walk on by, taking no notice of the beauty in the sky. Sadness creeps over me where conversations flow, they all have no concept of the splendor up above. They move through their lives, deigning the glory that spills through the night. Stars twinkling softly in the darkening night, not able to conquer the glory of the sky. It reigns over the heavens, filling it with light, casting dark shadows wherever I turn. Its magic pulls at me, enticing me to follow it. My heart longs to answer as its beauty enchants me. Even as I long to follow I know now is not the time ... and so instead I will dream, I will dream of the time when I will chase the Moon.
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melancholy melancholy
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